Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Essentials of a Writer’s Office

Writer Wednesday

In order to be productive, you need the correct tools to perform your job.  This is no different for writers.  An ideal office environment includes the tools authors need to research, write, submit and market their books.  Here are some items every writer should have on hand:

·         Notebooks and pens for writing down ideas, reminders and tasks.  Ideally, you should use a different notebook for each of these.

·         Laptop and/or desktop.  Laptops are convenient for taking with you when you travel or want to work elsewhere in the house.  Desktops are not portable, but the monitors can be much larger.

·         A printer.  Because most of what you print will be manuscript pages, look for a printer whose page output is high, rather than photo quality being good.

·         A desk.  Purchase one large enough for your electronics, but small enough to fit into your space.

·         An ergonomic desk chair to provide support during the hours that you are sitting in it.

·         A file cabinet or drawers for storing research, ideas, finances, organizations, etc.

·         A good internet connection.  While your writing is done offline, your email, research and newsletters all require an internet connection.  Make sure it is fast enough to handle loading graphics and pages to make the best use of your time.

·         Word processing software.  Most common is Microsoft Word, but any software that provides the same functions would be suitable.

·         A notebook or software for tracking submissions and royalties.

·         Bulletin board or whiteboard for posting notes and ideas.

·         A red pen for editing.

·         Notecards, stationery and envelopes for writing thank you notes, cover letters and mailing promo materials.

·         Writer’s Resource books.  Select a variety of books, including characterization, plotting, marketing, etc.  For a list of suggestions, click here.
Contact Management program.  This can be used for setting up business contacts and a fan newsletter

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